Edie Hand

Lives in: Birmingham, AL

Hometown: NW Alabama

Vocation: Writer, Speaker, Media personality and Mom

Her passion is: At this third act in life I am passionate about sharing the voices and life stories of women from all ages and all walks of life through my “Women of True Grit” mission around the world. Finding better tomorrows and leaving a legacy of hope through my 30 plus years of sisterhood works.

What Miss Overcomer means to me: “I have been able to enhance my tools at different seasons of life from mentors and life experiences: the grief from losing most of my family through tragic situations, numerous health issues, and Betrayal of money losses. Miss Overcomer means being able to overcome  and thrive all the way into my 3rd act of life.”

Overcomer Scripture: Jeremiah 29:11 

Media: Www.womenoftruegrit.org  grit.ihubapp.org and www.hnhentertainment.biz 

Edie Hand