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5 Easy Steps to Life Changing Prayer

Miss Overcomer is all about RESULTS! That’s why this is your Go To book on prayer. Insightful and practical. Click the link above for a very special message from the author!

Miss Overcomer Tote Bag

Miss Overcomer Courage Tote

Whether “on the go” fulfilling an assignment to the world or packing for an overcomer get away, your beautiful Courage Tote will meet the need in abundance! And it makes a powerful statement that you are walking with Destiny and Purpose. It’s strong and elegant. Just like you! 

Miss Overcomer Coffee Mug

Miss Overcomer Meditation Mug

Bible, journal, Miss Overcomer Meditation Mug. It’s the perfect way to start every day! With a C handle for Courage, Confidence and Conqueror, this specail Meditation Mug has your name all over it! Scripture on one side and Crown on the other. Yes indeed… this mug is definitely you!

Miss Overcomer Notebook

Miss Overcomer Inspiration Journal

Journaling is your middle name. Some might call you Miss “Journaling” Overcomer! And your Inspiration Journal will help keep track of those miracle moments and praise reports. With all the blessing you’ve got coming, might as well order three! 

Miss Overcomer Mouse Pad

Miss Overcomer "Conquer It" Mouse Pad

No matter what the day brings, your Miss Overcomer “Conquer It” mouse pad will never let you forget who you are and the Power that lives inside. You are “More than a Conqueror through Christ!” Girl, you got this!

Miss Overcomer Plastic Tumbler with Straw

Miss Overcomer Confidence Tumbler

Let the day bring what it may. Miss Overcomer is always Calm and Confident! Feet up and stress down… big sip from your Miss Overcomer Confidence Tumbler because… Confidence looks so good on you! 

Miss Overcomer Magnet

Miss Overcomer Destiny Magnet

Add a touch of Destiny to your home or office. This elegant embellishment is the ideal reminder that you were Born for such a time as this! And it’s the perfect blessing gift for your Miss Overcomer friends and loved ones. 

Miss Overcomer License Plate Tag

Miss Overcomer Ambassador Tag

No matter what you’re driving, Miss Overcomer is always an Ambassador of Heaven. Why not make it official with this lovely Miss Overcomer Ambassador License Plate. Dignified and on the move. Just like You!