Miss Overcomer

Coaching with Tawana

Tawana is a Leadership Growth Coach with more than 25 years of experience helping women of faith maximize their true identity and calling. Women love Tawana’s compassionate encouraging spirit and real-life experience when coaching them back on track to…


  • Overcome their setbacks and get back in the game.
  • Rise above limited beliefs and the chains of regret
  • Discover their true identity (a specific God-given identity)
  • Experience relationship breakthrough (without the guilt trips)
  • Reclaim courage and move forward without fear.

Miss Overcomer

Group Coaching 

Join with a Global Sisterhood for this Power Packed accelerated Life Coaching virtual experience led by Tawana Lowery. Each month Tawana will share empowering practical strategies to help you Overcome what’s trying to stop you.

A few benefits you can expect from this elevating experience:

🏆 Align your thoughts with Unstoppable Truth!
🏆 Live each day with Unstoppable Confidence!
🏆 Release Regret with Unstoppable Focus!
🏆 Overcome the setbacks with Unstoppable Joy!
🏆 Solve big problems with Unstoppable Wisdom!

God has called you to be Unstoppable and to achieve it in a safe empowering community of Overcomers. So join today because you were born to be Unstoppable! Meets in the evening on the 3rd Thursday (6pm – 7pm Central)

All proceeds support our mission to empower Women of Faith!
Click Enroll Button to Register. You will receive a Zoom link via email for each session.