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Life Beyond Limits. Nothing can stop you now.

When I was in my thirties, I decided to return to college to complete my degree. Soon afterwards, the guidance counselor informed me that I needed a statistics class to meet the math requirements. Although I enjoyed math, statistics seemed a subject more suited for...

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Letting Go of Good. Taking Hold of Great!

There was a very special season in my life that lasted almost 15 years. Happy family, nice community, great connections, financial prosperity… the usual stuff we all long for. Not that everything was perfect or that we were millionaires, but it was definitely the best...

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Uncertainty is NOT the Boss of You.

Uncertainty is not a new phenomenon or exclusive to a particular generation. It did not begin with the horrors of September 11, or the Great Depression or even the global health crisis of 2020. Uncertainty has always been an ever-present visitor to mankind. In fact,...

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