Miss Overcomer

Miss Overcomer is a Global
Mentoring and Coaching Sisterhood that EMPOWERS Women of Faith to LEAD with Courage and Calling and MAXIMIZE their unique God-given Purpose!

Meet the Founder…
Tawana Lowery


Miss Overcomer is Perfect for You!

We love serving…

Growth Minded, Faith Focused Difference Makers like You.

Women seeking a Sisterhood of Compassion, and
Dynamic Spiritual Development.

Women determined to Overcome the Obstacles and
Maximize their Calling.

Women seeking to know their True Identity and use it to
Benefit their Community.


For too long, Women of Faith have been Marginalized, Overlooked and Underestimated. Those days are over!


When a Woman of Faith walks with Courage guided by Calling…
She is unstoppable. She is Miss Overcomer.
She is YOU!

Every Woman of Faith has a unique role to play for Advancing the Kingdom of God with her gifts and talents…. with her dreams and imagination.

The Harvest is the Father’s “Field of Dreams.”
Miss Overcomer is building for it and they will come!

An empowered Woman of Faith is
a powerful resource for global good!

Meet the Founder …  Tawana Lowery

A Global Ambassador for Women’s Empowerment!

Tawana Lowery is a Women’s Leadership Coach, inspirational speaker, author, and radio talent. She has a contagious passion for helping women Overcome their setbacks and amplify their calling with unstoppable courage and joy.

For more than 25 years, Tawana has empowered audiences with proven Biblical strategies that demonstrate how any Woman of Faith can beat the odds and leap forward with True Identity. 

Her personal Overcomer story spans more than Three-Decades of hardship. A few challenges Tawana experienced include childhood abuse, date rape, poverty, and the death of loved ones.

Tawana loves helping individuals and teams reach their full potential. Book time with Tawana and discover what’s possible.

Book time with Tawana today!

Tawana Lowery
Miss Overcomer Crown


We believe YOU have the potential for extraordinary Courage! And Miss Overcomer is here support and equip you for the journey.

You are not alone. Miss Overcomer is your partner on the road to Strong and Courageous.

Miss Overcomer Crown


We believe YOU have a uniqe calling that this world needs. But maybe the setbacks caused you to put them on the shelf.

Time to get excited again because we are here to help you Reconnect with the thing that makes your heart sing. This is your moment. Let’s get moving!

Miss Overcomer Crown


We believe advancing the Kingdom of God is a family affair. Miss Overcomer is your Oasis of connection. So join the sisterhood and stay informed on events and happenings.

We have the team and support you need to Lead with Courage and Calling.