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Maximize their Calling.

Women seeking to know their True Identity and use it to
Benefit their Community.


Meet the Founder …  Tawana Lowery

Tawana Lowery is a dynamic and inspiring figure in the world of women’s leadership and personal growth. For more than 25 years, Tawana has dedicated her career to empowering women through her roles as a Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author,  and YouTube Host.

Having overcome childhood abuse, date rape, poverty, bankruptcy, loss of loved ones, and divorce, Tawana shares valuable faith principles with her audience that demonstrate how any woman can Overcome the set backs and leap forward with joy and purpose.

Her uplifting engagaing style coupled with her deep understanding of various challenges women face, makes her an invaluable asset for your next women’s event or coaching needs.  

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Tawana Lowery
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We believe YOU have the potential for extraordinary Courage! And Miss Overcomer is here support and equip you for the journey.

You are not alone. Miss Overcomer is your partner on the road to Strong and Courageous.

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We believe YOU have a uniqe calling that this world needs. But maybe the setbacks caused you to put them on the shelf.

Time to get excited again because we are here to help you Reconnect with the thing that makes your heart sing. This is your moment. Let’s get moving!

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We believe advancing the Kingdom of God is a family affair. Miss Overcomer is your Oasis of connection. So watch our videos, attend our events, and enjoy the resources we offer to improve your life.

We have the team and support you need to Lead with Courage and Calling.